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No, for what Hailey wants to say and do, it's going to It ain't easy being saved, sanctified, and single. Try being a once divorced, now widowed single mother of two on top of that. Thank God the Lord built Paige Vanderdale to be able to bear all of those titles without becoming weary to the point of giv Lorain has been a prisoner of secrets almost all of her life.

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One minute every woman envies Teal and only dreams of having an attentive man like Tyrone to cater to her Some would say that God will not put on a person more than they can bear, but Paige begs to differ, because she is truly on the edge. One more unexpected and unpleasant occurrence and she'll be free falling. As if physical, mental, sexual, and sp Be enchanted by this Fairy tale for children of all ages. Enjoy this adventurous story as the hidden littl Olivia has a secret - a BIG secret. It's a secret that she tells only to her very best friend. And her friend promises she won't say a word.

But the secret is really BIG and really Juicy. What happens when a trusted friend slips and the secret gets o Helen wasn't just born the devious vixen of New Day Temple of Faith. There had to be something rooted deep within her to make her inflict and feed off of other people's pain. Perhaps it was her own pain that she had suppressed for so many years-an u Three prolific Urban Christian authors have teamed up in this anthology that proves revenge isn't always so sweet.

Musik Jalice Carter is in love. The only problem is that she doesn't believe the man is in love with her. What makes it even worse is Kennedy, Daryn, and Joy Soul are three hip sisters who live in a small suburb in Ohio. This trio of rambunctious and mischievous girls has never gotten along with one another and has never agreed upon anything, not even the day of the week. What kind of woman wants a man so badly that she'd be willing to lie to get him? What if that lie includes denying the fact that she has a child? Deborah Lewis is that woman. The suave debonair Lynox Chase is the man Deborah wants.

So it's bitter-sweet for the single saints she's leaving behind to see her go. Having thought she'd never love again after the death of the only man she Jenn Bennett continues to impress me with her writing talents. Yet, I never felt it overshadowed the overall story. Bennett writes realistic, multilayered characters, and a plot that keeps you at the edge of your seat. A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. You can find this review and more at The Readers Den. View all 20 comments. Dark limbs, blinking eyes, grotesque features. Monsters, fueled by her pain.

Dead things pulled from the Spirit World. Things she didn't understand and could barely control, but they coalesced into a writhing mass of gloom and shifting shadow, crawling up the marble walls and columns. Sniffing out opportunity as they tugged images from her mind. Command us, they whispered inside her head. Dark avengers, read and willing to do h 3. Dark avengers, read and willing to do her bidding. To avenge her through abhorrent deeds. Reading this for the Ghost square for Halloween Bingo, put in a mindset for a more spooky feel, which was probably a bit unfair.

They come out to play, blast some windows out and try to murder people with chandeliers but they still stayed too much to the background. We don't get the full explanation for them until towards the later half of the book and for having such a huge impact on our heroine's life, they weren't really addressed with any solid conclusion.

The separate storyline of ancient Egyptian curses, puzzles, and hunting enemies was incredible fun and entertaining but again, I wanted it to be more flushed out; I didn't feel like we really got to know the villain and all his dark deviousness. I wanted this book to be pgs, lol. The romance was fun, too. The couple's first sex scene felt deep and was hot.

However, with everything happening with the supernatural storyline, the couple's relationship took a bit of hit. Both our characters had rich background stories and secondary characters that were full in their own right and only added to the depth of our main couple. The author put in the details for a rich story but it lacked the page count for deep life. Or maybe we should feed him the deviled ham and see if it'll turn him in to Number Five.

At the rate you two are going you'll be kicking me out of the covers and cuddling up with him instead. Nov 06, Carmel Rabid Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rabid Reads Let me just start this review by saying that Jenn Bennett can do no wrong! Once again I loved absolutely everything about this book! Then of course there are the supernatural goodies like the Mori, fire giant, AND griffin—yes folks, this book has it all! At first, I thought there was no way that the younger Magnusson brother was going to be able to compete with Winter, but of course leave it to Bennett to make me feel like a hussy!

I loved her insistence on being treated like a man, and her ability to control the Mori made her someone not to be underestimated. I liked how Hadley and Lowe challenged each other on an intellectual level, and their opposing personalities made their dialogue incredibly entertaining to read.

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Slow burn romance, infectious chemistry, and squelching romp sessions—Jenn Bennett really can do it all! Aug 22, Stacee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved Hadley and Lowe. Of course, seeing Aida and Winter was delightful. Plot wise, it was intriguing.

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I loved the Egyptian thread and all of the things that went along with the artifact. May 12, Robin rated it really liked it Shelves: Smooth-talking Archaeologist Lowe Magnusson returns home from Egypt with a priceless amulet that he found. His plan is to make a duplicate to sell to a local collector while using the real amulet to clear his debt.

But Museum Curator Hadley Bacall has him re-thinking his plan. Hadley's mother once owned small pieces of the amulet. She hid them throughout San Francisco before she died. Now Lowe and Hadley must find the pieces to restore the amulet to its full power. This is an action-packed story Smooth-talking Archaeologist Lowe Magnusson returns home from Egypt with a priceless amulet that he found.

This is an action-packed story. Lowe's enemies are out to get him since he has passed off counterfeit artifacts in the past. They're trying to kill him and getting closer and closer with each day. Hadley grew up in the shadow of her father who really didn't pay attention to her. Now she works for him and wants his job as the head of the museum when he retires. She is cursed with deadly spirits who appear when she is upset. Hadley finds keeping her calm around Lowe is nearly impossible. Apr 13, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: Grim Shadows 4 Stars Lowe Magnusson is an unrepentant bad boy - a con artist, a thief and a notorious liar.

That is until he meets the one woman who makes him want to be a better man. Hadley Bacall is a spirited and intelligent scholar, yet she yearns for the closeness of friendship and family that has long been denied her. When Lowe and Hadley come together in search of an ancient archeological artifact, sparks fly and windows shatter - literally Excellent historical research results in an imme Grim Shadows 4 Stars Lowe Magnusson is an unrepentant bad boy - a con artist, a thief and a notorious liar.

Excellent historical research results in an immersive setting and a gripping storyline focused on Egyptian lore. Consequently, their relationship is not as believable as it should have been. The true highlight of the book is the paranormal mystery surrounding the search for the djed amulet. The Da Vinci Code style treasure hunt is engrossing and it is fun following the clues with Hadley and Lowe.

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In sum, Grim Shadows is an exceedingly well-researched and well-written paranormal romance with a gripping story and characters that ultimately grow on you. View all 3 comments. Feb 05, Pandora Black rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 11, Nadia marked it as dnf Shelves: Oh who am I kidding?

Grim Shadows

I'm not gonna finish this book. While the beginning was exciting enough, somewhere in the middle, when things started going too smoothly, I lost interest. We were just not meant to be. Sorry book, it's not me, it's you. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Jenn Bennett can do no wrong in my eyes. If you like romance and engaging plots, and you haven't already picked up Bitter Spirits , the first book in her wonderfully original and addictive Roaring Twenty series, please do so immediately.

Books by E.N. Joy (Author of I Ain't Me No More)

It's set in a time and place that's familiar but also completely new: You're left wondering why no one has thought of this before. I, for one, am very grateful that it's in the hands of Jenn Bennett. There's so much potential for this series, and she has used it to its utmost. In Grim Shadows , we're taken on a fantastical treasure hunt through the streets of San Fransisco.

When archeologist Lowe Magnusson brother to Winter, our hero in the first book uncovers a priceless Egyptian artifact, he is immediately courted by one of the city's wealthiest patrons. It turns out this couldn't come at a better time for Lowe. His is a criminally ambitious family: Unfortunately he has run into a bit of financial trouble since being caught in the act by one of his clients.

Archibald Bacall promises Lowe a hefty paycheck if he agrees to sell the djed amulet and to find its missing components that have been hidden within the city. There's a personal and metaphysical reason Bacall desires the entire amulet, but Lowe doesn't discover what that is until he conspires with Bacall's uptight, alarmingly irresistible daughter, Hadley. The two work together to solve the clues and to find the missing pieces, all the while falling helplessly in love.

Doesn't that sound like fun? I thought so, too. The story is fast-paced and well-plotted, keeping me on my toes and daring me to discover which moves faster: Jenn Bennett blends the romance and mystery seamlessly. What makes the action so exciting are the two characters involved. Lowe is a rogue and a scoundrel, and he'll be the first to admit it.

He likes to make up stories when the truth is boring and has a bad habit of lying when the need arises. But oh is he charming. And when he's not lying he certainly puts that mouth to good use. Despite his philosophy, he's a happy-go-lucky, glass-half-full type of guy. He takes the world as it comes. Hadley Bacall couldn't be more his opposite. She grew up without much affection and has created a sort of island for herself.

She's aloof, slow to trust, hot and cold, irascible, and most of all doesn't like to be touched, by anybody. Hers is not a personality I usually connect with in a book, but it's clear that she is lonely and she does desire love. It's difficult for her because she wants to be treated as an equal in a man's world, and she has yet to find someone who will respect her in that way.

Not to mention, she's been cursed with specters who respond to her bad moods. They wreck havoc whenever she gets upset or angry, which of course can turn deadly for those closest to her. Lowe and Hadley's differences are, of course, the driving tension between them: There's a point in nearly every romance when the couple separates for whatever reason, and it's obvious how that's going to happen here.

Despite that predictability, I love the way Lowe and Hadley's relationship develops. He doggedly pursues her, trying to wear down her defenses, while she slowly succumbs to his onslaught. It's entirely too much fun, especially considering the chemistry and tension that is like a bubble surrounding them. This is why an opposites-attract relationship works so well: Eventually, the two learn that they fit together neatly; that, in this case, Lowe's need for storytelling and adventure is tempered by Hadley's practicality, that he doesn't have to lie to get what he wants, and that Hadley needs Lowe's easygoing, tactile personality to soften the walls of her heart.

Throughout the book, there are little gestures Lowe performs in an effort to soothe Hadley's feelings, and it absolutely melted me. He lost his pinky finger while in Egypt, and he tells Hadley that he will hold her hand with his maimed one so she will know whenever he is telling the truth. He feeds her treats and sweets and then subtly touches her, that way she will get used to him. Also, he says things like this: Jenn Bennett, keep these swoony guys coming! Whereas Bitter Spirits is more of a ghost story mixed in with Chinese voodoo, Grim Shadows deals in Egyptian myth, other realms, and fantastical creatures.

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I love that it's her female characters who are the "cursed" ones, becoming their own but also finding help in the least likely of men. The next book will surely be another favorite, its couple having been developed over the course of the first two one of my favorite romance tropes! They already have stolen my heart, so I can't wait for their book, and I'm especially looking forward to discovering what paranormal aspects will be mixed in.

Grim Shadows is yet another winner in the Jenn Bennett canon, but I didn't expect anything less. Smart, thrilling, and addictive, Roaring Twenties is a paranormal romance series you don't want to miss! This review can also be found at Love at First Page. Il donne envie de lire le prochain tome. Jul 02, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: The setting is San Francisco where Prohibition is still in full swing.

Since this is Jenn Bennett, there is the anti-hero in Lowe, and the heroine in Hadley, and some steamy sex scenes that I am sure will be warm even the coldest hearts. June 3rd by Berkley Sensation Elle est intelligente et courageuse. Nov 12, Dark Faerie Tales rated it really liked it Shelves: A con man and his mark team up to find the pieces of an ancient amulet. Will he carry through with his plan, or will he let love win out?

A Roaring Joy

Lowe Magnusson scanned the desolate Union Pacific depot lobby. I had mixed feelings before starting this book. On the other, the first book in this series fell slightly short of my expectations.

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Thankfully, this second book in the series fell more in line with what I love about the Arcadia Bell series, combining great characters with an interesting, fast paced plot and a very satisfying love story. Lowe Magnusson has made a living as a con man, uncovering priceless artifacts and then making forgeries of them. He has recently found an infamous amulet at the perfect time, as he is desperately in need of money.

His search for a buyer brings him in contact with Hadley, the daughter of a museum curator interested in buying the amulet. Now, Hadley and Lowe must team up to find the additional pieces. Someone else is interested in obtaining the complete amulet though, and they have no qualms about killing in order to obtain them. Will Lowe and Hadley be able to find the rest of the amulet first? Lowe and Hadley are perfect together. Their attraction is evident the very first time they meet, and the sexual tension builds up very nicely. The reader gets a chance to truly connect to both Lowe and Hadley before their relationship is consummated.

On the subject of connecting to the characters, it was very easy for me to connect to both Lowe and Hadley. Their personalities come through so clearly; they seem like real people. There were many times I found myself chuckling as I read because the way Hadley thinks to herself just seemed so true to life, and very similar to how I tend to think to myself.

While I may not have found similarities between myself and Lowe, I still found it extremely easy to connect to him as a character. It truly was a joy to spend time with them. One of my problems with the first book in this series was that it took a long time for it to capture my interest. This is definitely not the case here. The story starts off with a bang, and it honestly never lets up. With a six-week-old baby at home, it takes a very special book to make me want to stay up and read when I could be sleeping, and yet, this book achieved that.

My reaction to this book has me extremely excited to read the next installment. It should be a fun ride! Hadley Bacall, overflowing with desire for…clock. Nov 05, nick rated it really liked it. But that scene near the end was super sad!! Oct 16, Sophie rated it really liked it Shelves: What to think of a woman whose anger literally summons dark spirits who wreak havoc?

So I'm not sure how I feel about that. Ultimately, though, I liked this book a lot. The romance was delightful and steamy and full of So like. The romance was delightful and steamy and full of flirty banter, and while it was a fairly standard romance plot, it was kept interesting by Hadley's fear of being directly touched, and Lowe's attempts to overcome that fear without violating her boundaries.

The scene where Lowe touches Hadley, but only through her clothes, was super hot. I picked this up because I was going to San Francisco, where this book is set, and I thought it'd be fun to read it on my trip. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it, and I'll definitely be picking up the others in this series. Mar 14, Mandi Schreiner rated it really liked it Shelves: I recently read Bitter Spirits, the first book in this series and was seriously impressed. But after seeing so many positive reviews, I read it and loved it and was exited to pick up Grim Shadows.

I liked this book, not quite as much as Bitter Spirits though. He discovered and smuggled out an amulet that many have been searching for. Hoping to sell it to the highest bidder to pay off some serious debt he has, Lowe keeps the amulet on his body as he travels back home to San Francisco. She meets Lowe during his journey home and indeed verifies that the amulet he is carrying is the real deal. Hadley can sense certain objects and can feel the power radiating from the amulet. But this is not the only supernatural thing that she carries.

When she gets angry and her emotions get out of control, specters come out of the ground and attack whatever thing or person her anger is directed toward. So when Lowe and Hadley meet with some thugs who have been following Lowe and they start to do them harm, the specters come out no one else can see them but Hadley and suitcases on the train start flying everywhere. He is a charmer, a scoundrel, and so very, very sexy — and he knows it. He knows his smile and easy lies off his tongue can get him out of most situations. So of course, Lowe then just wants to pursue her more because she is a challenge.

While at times I think the action and adventure in this book overshadows the romance, the action and adventure are still fun. We get a grand treasure map type story with lots of supernatural things and creatures to keep it exciting. Besides starting to trust Lowe, Hadley has issues with being touched that they have to overcome before their physical relationship can take that next step.

She is quite open about not being touched and why she has this issue, so Lowe proceeds with caution. There is one particular event towards the end that upset me a lot. I felt it was an unecessary death that just made me overall sad. Lowe is a swindler — he has replicas of things he has discovered made so he can sell the items more than once.

I like that he has this flaw among other things yet I think I needed Hadley to come to terms with this more. She gets upset by it, yet I think she only comes around because she feels sorry for Lowe for something else that happens in this book. I guess I just needed a little more time at the end to believe Lowe and Hadley are compatible with each other and that she fully accepts Lowe. They are fun, funny, action-packed with great sexual tension. Really well done world and characters. Jun 07, Jaclyn rated it liked it Shelves: More like a 2.

I think I'm in the minority here, but there's something about this series that I just find rather bland. I feel like I am missing something with Jenn Bennett's prohibition era series. Everyone seems to love it, but for me, I could take it or leave it. The series has an interesting concept, but as with the previous book, I'm left feeling ambivalent. Grim Shadows features the younger brother of the hero from book one. Lowe Magnusson is an archaeologist who's determined to make a na More like a 2.