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Zayday becomes a doctor.

Jaime Lee Curtis on ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 and Living Life Like a Sheryl Crow Song

And Hester is just crazy. Way, way, way less. It seems like all bets are off with this show. What have you most enjoyed about playing this character? All right, smoke a joint. You cannot make a character based on some idea that you know what it is. The horror-comedy style is very much a hybrid of its own. I was reminded that Halloween 2 takes place in a hospital.

‘Scream Queens’ Star Jamie Lee Curtis On Cheerleading For Clinton And Returning To The Horror Fold

So, it is an homage to that, but it is a hybrid. It is its own animal. You get a script the same day that everybody else does. I speak with my hands a lot. This was the way it had to be. This is how Ryan Murphy works.

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The leap of faith was really faith in the fact that Ryan is a great writer. Just throw it all away. This is a show where I want to let the writing do the talking. They are supposed to replicate some quotidian, regular, workaday life. I married an improv-er. You need to write me a good joke. And I get mouthfuls on this show.

I knew, being the daughter of people in the entertainment business, I understand what pigeonholing will do and I felt like I had done that enough. So, I have not traded on it nor have I needed to trade on it. And they would go mental if you came. It was very satisfying, but what I really got from that was how loyal, loving, and dedicated fans of that genre are to the people in them.

I really left there understanding the power of that genre way more than I think I ever did. I am not a trained person. I cannot do accents. I can dance a little. I am not that person.

"Scream Queens" Pilot (TV Episode ) - Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Cathy Munsch - IMDb

For me, this show is a perfect blend of everything that I do well. I can tell a joke.

I think it really is, for me, just a perfect storm of opportunity. Of taking my strong suits and putting them into one hand. Then I just get to play my aces. Here are my queens.

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I get to lay it down every single week. I noticed the cast gathering around you between takes. What does that mean to you? My friends call me Mama. I have that nature and I like it.

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Each person is really bringing their best thing to the show.