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With the original three actors dead and Tom Baker initially being very reluctant to work for Big Finish, the Eighties and Nineties Doctors where the only ones they could tell stories with, at least for audio. The Companion Chronicles changed all of that. More than that, though — it was also a great way of revealing more about their companions. Stories could begin and end a long time after a companion had left the Doctor, with the character telling someone else about one of their adventures long ago.

The Companion Chronicles was also able to tell stories with very clear arcs.

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The Sara Kingdom trilogy by Simon Guerrier is a great example. They also reveal exactly who and what she is, and how she can be telling stories at all. The format also allowed for a surprising amount of flexibility in exactly how it told its chronicles. An even more interesting example is Solitaire. In this story, Eighth Doctor companion Charley is on her own, playing a deadly game against the Celestial Toymaker. Dragonfire Vislor Turlough , TV: Mickey Smith became a companion by asking the Doctor if he could travel with him, rather than the other way around.

Leela, despite the Fourth Doctor 's protests, ran into the TARDIS and, before he could shoo her out, fiddled with the controls, causing it to dematerialise. Voyage of the Damned and Rita , TV: The God Complex only to have their death prevent their travels. The same thing happened with Clara Oswin Oswald , although the Doctor found out that there was another version of her somewhere in time and space and set out to find her.

They were of three broad types: When asked by Brian Williams , father to one of their companions, Rory Williams , and father-in-law to Amy Pond , another companion, what happened to the people who travelled with them, the Eleventh Doctor explained that some left him, some got left behind, and also admitted that "not many, but some" died. The Power of Three. A common reason for the departure of female human companions was romance. Sometimes, as with Vicki , TV: The Invasion of Time they left to get married, while at least one companion, Martha Jones , left because she realised her romantic feelings for the Tenth Doctor would never be reciprocated.

The Big Bang et al. Ian and Barbara back home in London after their travels with the First Doctor. In the Doctor's youth, before they had established reasonable control over the TARDIS , companions sometimes left, at least in part, because they happened to have access to their own time period. This was especially true of the companions who had not actually chosen to travel with the Doctor, such as Ian and Barbara , TV: The War Machines , and Polly and Ben.

The Faceless Ones However, this sometimes happened later in the Doctor's life. Ly-Chee , for instance, thought the Seventh Doctor was only offering him a lift into town. Instead, they had several adventures together. When the TARDIS finally deposited him in the correct town, he headed for the nearest pub and ordered a stiff drink without once looking back.

The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee the Wise. Some companions left to improve a particular society they had encountered with the Doctor. Nyssa left to help cure Lazar's disease TV: Terminus , whilst Steven Taylor stayed on the planet of the Elders to be its leader. The Bidding War though both parties made it explicit that this was temporary, and Jack Harkness was sent to collect her after some time. The Age of Steel Mickey proved especially independent when it came to departing the Doctor's side; he later left the TARDIS again, this time to return to his "home" Earth, ultimately to defend it from alien threats.

Journey's End , The End of Time. Others left for more personal improvement. Melanie Bush parted ways from the Seventh Doctor purely to have new adventures in space — but not time — with Sabalom Glitz. Dragonfire Frobisher left the Doctor to enjoy the pleasure planet A-Lux. A Cold Day in Hell! Liz Shaw left UNIT and the Third Doctor to return to her research, telling the Brigadier that all the Doctor needed in an assistant was "someone to pass him his test tubes and tell him how brilliant he was".

Some companions left simply because they no longer enjoyed travelling with the Doctor. Victoria Waterfield left because she had grown tired of the continual danger in which she found herself and decided to choose a safer new life. Fury from the Deep Tegan Jovanka similarly left because she had become sickened by the death and destruction she witnessed.

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Resurrection of the Daleks. Because they were Earth -based assistants who either never wanted to travel with the Doctor on a long-term basis or never were invited to do so, a few companions made only a single journey or two, but otherwise provided significant assistance from Earth. Terror of the Zygons albeit one punctuated by several detours by other means. One companion who briefly left by her choice was Clara Oswald. After a trip to the Moon in which she was forced to decide whether to kill an innocent creature or not and the Twelfth Doctor refused to help, Clara grew so angry she left the TARDIS, telling the Doctor never to come and find her again.

Kill the Moon However, with the help of Danny Pink , she realised she wasn't ready to give up the Doctor yet and agreed to a final trip with him weeks later to the Orient Express at which point she decided to permanently rejoin him despite the dangers and the coldness the Doctor once again displayed on the trip.

Death in Heaven Later, the Doctor returned to save her life, in an adventure in which both lies were exposed. Afterwards, the Doctor gave Clara one more invitation to join him again, and she accepted.

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The Third Doctor returns Arnold to his home before he's "alienated" from his own time. Adam Mitchell was summarily tossed out after he was found trying to use his trip into the future to alter his own fortunes. Invasion of the Quarks were more charitably dismissed. The Doctor clearly believed he was doing them good by ending their travels. The Doctor prevented these youths from continuing to travel with them because he felt it would interfere with their natural maturation. Married couple Amy and Rory were returned home by the Eleventh Doctor , who feared for their lives if they continued on their travels.

Rose is separated from the Tenth Doctor after the " void stuff " pulled her to Pete's World. There were occasions when the Doctor and his companions were separated more by circumstance than the wishes of either party. Perhaps the most obvious case of this was when the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler were separated by the closure of the walls between dimensions. The Hand of Fear at a moment in Gallifreyan history when humans weren't allowed on the planet. The War Games The Time Lords later claimed they had developed this procedure into a "standard response" for companions with whom they dealt.

The Sixth Doctor , for instance, encountered a version of Peri Brown who had been given "the Jamie and Zoe treatment". Peri and the Piscon Paradox Finally, whilst in his tenth body , the Doctor had to stabilise the effects of a biologically untenable combination of his DNA with Donna Noble 's.

To do so, he had to submerge all memories of her time with him and shield her from those memories lest she die. Journey's End She did briefly remember snippets of her travels but was knocked unconscious by it and then forgot again. The End of Time Similarly, Donna's consciousness was saved to The Library against her will, causing her to forget about the Doctor and spending years from her point of view married to Lee McAvoy.

This was only temporary, however, and soon afterwards she resumed her travels. Because he had died and been resurrected by Rose as the Bad Wolf entity , he became, in the words of the Tenth Doctor "just wrong". Last of the Time Lords and he later travelled aboard it without apparent difficulty. Journey's End However, on both occasions, he was more interested in pursuing a life with Torchwood Three than returning to the Doctor's side on a long-term basis. Amy Pond and Rory Williams were sent back in time by a Weeping Angel , separating them from the Eleventh Doctor for the remainder of their lives.

They both died at age 87 and 82 respectively. The Angels Take Manhattan. Some companions died, often in service to the Doctor's goals. Adric sacrificed himself trying to stop a prehistoric Cyberman invasion of Earth. Earthshock Roz Forrester died in battle. Her atoms were left to travel the universe. Without her sacrifice, the Tenth Doctor would not have regained control of the Titanic , nor prevented it from having a costly collision into Buckingham Palace.

Voyage of the Damned , Turn Left. He gave Cinder a proper burial and promised to end the Time War to honour her sacrifice. Peri was killed by King Yrcanos on Thoros Beta , whilst her body was being subjected to Crozier 's troubling body-swapping experimentations. For a time, the Sixth Doctor believed Peri had died.

At the conclusion of his second major trial by the Time Lords , however, the Inquisitor revealed Peri's death had likely been a trick of the Valeyard. The Inquisitor showed the Doctor that Peri, far from being killed by Yrcanos, had, in fact, married him. Mindwarp However, at a later date, the Time Lords revealed their meddling with Peri's timestreams had resulted in multiple versions of Peri running around the cosmos. One of these Peris had been killed by Yrcanos, as the Doctor originally believed.

Peri and the Piscon Paradox. Ace dies in the Seventh Doctor 's arms. Like Peri, Ace died young according to two accounts, but not others. According to one, she died while using Nitro-9 against parasitic beings known as the Lobri. Ground Zero In another account she was killed by George Limb , only to be replaced by a divergent version of herself, who continued to travel with the Doctor and who only had superficial differences from her other self.

Loving the Alien Furthermore, according to other accounts, she lived to a much older age — at least into her late thirties. Set Piece , amongst others. River Song died physically when she linked her mind into the CAL computer during the Doctor's first meeting with her -- from his perspective; from hers, it was the last of many following an unspecified period of time as his companion.

He gave her a sonic screwdriver specially designed to save her mental patterns at the moment of her death in the Library. Forest of the Dead She later managed to somehow link herself into a psychic " conference call " from inside CAL even as a data ghost to aid the Doctor one last time on Trenzalore before fading forever after he finally said goodbye to her.

The Name of the Doctor. Clara Oswald , a companion of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors , sacrificed herself for Rigsy , whom she had only met once before. She was killed by a Quantum Shade after saying goodbye to the Time Lord, with the Doctor ultimately blaming Ashildr for her death. Face the Raven The Twelfth Doctor extracted her from her timestream moments before her death using Time Lord technology, although she was frozen in between one heartbeat and her last.

He realised that they couldn't continue travelling together as the prophecies of the Hybrid would come to pass, so he planned to erase Clara's memories of him with a neural block. However, upon discovering this, Clara attempted to reverse the polarity of the neural block so it would affect the Doctor, something he doubted had worked when she told him.

They agreed to activate the device together, not knowing which one of them would be affected, and it affected the Doctor. In the case of the Earthbound Third Doctor , relationship timings with his occasional assistants became very unclear. Assistants in this period didn't stop travelling with him; his exile on Earth made it impossible for them to start travelling with him.

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Spearhead from Space , Terror of the Autons whom he could meet in Bessie. Therefore, incomplete records existed as to how long the Doctor knew certain assistants. It was never known, for example, definitively when the Doctor met or said goodbye to Tom Phipps and Joe. The Vortex , Fogbound. A similar situation occurred when the Eleventh Doctor had to guard Trenzalore for hundreds of years. Due to the extended lifespan of the Doctor, he outlived the inhabitants of the town making it impossible to determine when exactly they became companions.

An Apple a Day The Fourth Doctor lost four consecutive companions to the direct or indirect influence of Gallifrey: Doctor Who companions and spin-off companions. Peri Brown Mel Bush. Rose Tyler Jack Harkness. Mickey Smith Jack Harkness. Clara Oswald Nardole Bill Potts. History Canada and the U. Australia Music theme music composers soundtrack releases featured music. Producers Script editors Writers. Radio stories Home video releases VHS releases. Fandom Whoniverse Popular culture Merchandise Awards and nominations.

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