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Though Hunter had never doubted his adoptive father's love, he knew that he would never be allowed a chance to inherit T'Chaka's throne. The traditional mindset of the Wakandan people would never allow an outlander not born of a royal bloodline to take up the title of The Black Panther, no matter how worthy they might be. Still, there is a difference between knowing a thing and accepting it and there was always a level of tension between Hunter and T'Challa because of it.

Knowing of his son Hunter's desire for a position of authority in the service of Wakanda but also knowing that his people would never accept his adopted son as an heir or a political leader, King T'Chaka made another wise decision in how to handle Hunter and see to his future. Made up a specially trained corps of spies, assassins, and covert operations specialists, The Hatut Zeraze would be tasked with those missions that required trusted agents to operate outside of Wakanda.

The wars over territory and resources in modern day Africa are horrific. Between the problems caused by colonials within the past two centuries and the long-standing disputes between various tribes, the region is a hotbed of conflict. This is reflected in the reality of The Marvel Comics Universe, where The Hatut Zeraze resemble the secret police of many real world regimes. Even by the standards of the region, however, The Hatut Zeraze were renowned for their use of lethal force and questionable tactics in protecting Wakanda's interests.

When T'Challa became King of Wakanda and learned of the depths to which The Hatut Zeraze had gone in protecting his father's rule, he became outraged.

The idealistic young king disbanded the organization and trusted that would be the end of it. Unfortunately, T'Challa underestimated just how strongly The Hatut Zeraze had come to believe in the importance of their work.

He also failed to grasp just how deep the loyalty Hunter had come to inspire in his followers ran. Ironically, after years of odd looks and being treated as an outsider, The Hatut Zeraze gave Hunter the acceptance he had striven to earn all his life. The bond between soldiers proved stronger than the fear of outsiders ingrained in the Wakandan people, giving Hunter a family that accepted him in ways his adopted brother did not. Armed with advanced Wakanda technology, weapons and armor, they quickly became a highly-demanded army of mercenaries, second to none.

Despite the bad blood that arose between Hunter and T'Challa when the younger brother disassembled The Hatut Zeraze, Hunter still considers himself a loyal citizen of Wakanda, if not a loyal follower of King T'Challa. Despite the exile they imposed upon themselves, Hunter and the rest of The Hatut Zeraze have returned to Wakanda to act in its defense.

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The most notable example of this came during the war between Atlantis and Wakanda, when Shuri - who had taken up the title of Black Panther and the leadership of Wakanda from T'Challa - reinstated The Hatut Zeraze as an officially sanctioned Wakandan military organization. Despite his belief at times that his younger brother was unworthy of sitting upon their father's throne, The White Wolf has still followed his brother's wishes when he made demands as a king rather than requests.

Ironically, one of the major points of contention between them is Hunter's belief in a strong monarchy whereas T'Challa prefers to rule through diplomacy and reason rather than with an iron fist. When T'Challa had restored himself to the point where he could fulfill his ancestral duties once more, Kasper took on the identity of The White Tiger. Like all Wakandan armor, the fabric of The White Wolf suit utilizes a special ballistic mesh forged of a Vibranium microweave.

This protects the wearer from most forms of ballistic ammunition, with the unique properties of Vibranium causing any projectile coming into contact with it to lose its momentum and drop harmlessly to the ground. When Hunter got older, T'Chaka appointed him the leader of a secret police force, Hatut Zeraze, and he took on the mantle of the White Wolf. When T'Challa took over as king, he disbanded the force, so White Wolf and his men left Wakanda and became mercenaries. While there was no love lost for T'Challa, Hunter still answered his brother's calls for help whenever Wakanda was in trouble.

Well we know by now that T'Challa never had the adopted brother from the comics, so the traditional White Wolf story is out the window. However, the character seems like a good fit for Bucky Barnes , especially since he will likely want to drop the Winter Soldier mantle. T'Challa and Bucky already had a difficult relationship, considering T'Challa once believed a brainwashed Winter Soldier killed T'Chaka even though it was actually Zemo. Bucky has also been welcomed by the people of Wakanda, despite being a white outsider, just like Hunter.

On top of all that, Bucky has the mercenary, violent disposition that lines up with the White Wolf character from the comics. Go back and watch the Avengers: Infinity War trailer again.

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As you can see, Bucky is fighting alongside the armies of Wakanda, even before the other Avengers are a part of the battle. He's become a part of their war, and he cares for those he's fighting beside. After taking the name "White Wolf", Hunter remained a devoted subject of Wakanda until the king's death.

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He left Wakanda to work as a mercenary, but has been known to return to his home in times of crisis. He later became an ally to T'Challa's successor, Kasper Cole. Looking at the comics, Bucky Barnes and White Wolf don't really have anything in common. Bucky is a fugitive and can never again live as a free man in his home country, so working in the service of Black Panther could actually be a solid career choice for the character. In Wakanda, he could finally have a fresh start and a new purpose.

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First Avenger , he was Bucky, Cap's best friend. In Civil War , he was a fugitive on the run. Who will Bucky be now? Becoming a full-fledged superhero doesn't seem like Bucky's style, so becoming White Wolf could be the most logical direction for the character to take next.