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Expeditionary Anthropology argues that expeditions have a lot to inform us approximately anthropologists and the folks they studied. Skip to content Search for: By Kirsten Hastrup The historization of anthropology has entailed a greatly new view upon historical past and the character of historical past.

This choice of papers from the 1st convention of the newly shaped ecu organization of Social Anthropologists display how methods of wondering heritage are vital positive factors of any creation of historical past, and the way cultural suggestions input as forcs of ancient causation. Testing the Role of - download pdf or read online Items resembling statues and icons have lengthy been frustrating within the learn of faith, specially in ecu Christianities.

European Association of Social Anthropologists

Edited by Signe Howell. Focusing on the social construction of morality, The Ethnography of Moralities discusses a topic which is complex but central to the study and nature of anthropology. With the recent shift towards an interest in indigenous notions of self and personhood, questions pertaining to the moral and….

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Edited by Olivia Harris. Inside and Outside the Law analyses the relationship between the law, the state and its citizens. Drawing on general theories and specific case-studies, it examines the diverse ways in which people in different cultural and historical settings have experienced the ambiguities of law. Edited by Elizabeth Dunn , Chris Hann.

Other Histories

Between kinship ties on the one hand and the state on the other, human beings experience a diversity of social relationships and groupings which in modern western thought have come to be gathered under the label 'civil society'. A liberal-individualist model of civil society has become fashionable…. Edited by Vaclav Hubinger. As different societies merge into one global society and face the concomitant crisis of identity, of purpose and interest, social anthropology urgently needs to bring its methodology up to date: Edited by Philippe Descola , Gisli Palsson.

The contributors to this book focus on the relationship between nature and society from a variety of theoretical and ethnographic perspectives.

Other Histories by Kirsten, Hastrup

Their work draws upon recent developments in social theory, biology, ethnobiology, epistemology, sociology of science, and a wide array of ethnographic…. The history of anthropology has great relevance for current debates within the discipline, offering a foundation from which the professionalisation of anthropology can evolve. The authors explore key issues in the history of social and cultural anthropological approaches in Germany, Great Britain,….

Edited by Rosalind Shaw , Charles Stewart. Syncretism - the synthesis of different religious - is a contentious word. Syncretic versions of Christianity do not…. Edited by Kirsten Hastrup , Peter Hervik. Anthropology poses an explicit challenge to standard notions of scientific knowledge. It claims to produce genuine insights into the workings of culture in general on the basis of individual social experience in the field. Social Experience and Anthropological Knowledge traces the process from the….

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Edited by Teresa del Valle. In the last three decades, a remarkable degree of progress has occurred in the study of gender within anthropology. Gendered Anthropology offers a thought-provoking, lively examination of current debates focusing on sex and gender, race, ethnicity, politics and economics and provides insights which….

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  4. Edited by Kirsten Hastrup. The historization of anthropology has entailed a radically new view upon history and the nature of history. This collection of papers from the first conference of the newly formed European Association of Social Anthropologists demonstrate how ways of thinking about history are important features of…. Edited by Daniel de Coppet.


    Understanding Rituals explores how ritual can be understood within the framework of contemporary social anthropology, and shows that ritual is now one of the most fertile fields of anthropological research. The contributors demonstrate how rituals create and maintain - or transform - a society's….

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    Edited by Dimitra Gefou-Madianou. Europeans consitiute 12 and a half per cent of the world's population but consume 50 per cent of the recorded world production alcohol, and this consumption plays a significant role in the cultural, religious, and social identites of these countrise. The contributors show how different groups…. High-profile cases of international adoption via the internet and other unofficial routes, have drawn attention to the relative ease with which children can be obtained on the global circuit, and have brought about legislation which… Paperback — Routledge European Association of Social Anthropologists.

    Realizing Community Concepts, Social Relationships and Sentiments Edited by Vered Amit 'Community' is so overused both in everyday language as well as in scholarly work that it could easily be dismissed as a truism.

    Intimacy invokes emotion and the senses. Narrative, memory, ways of dealing with rapid and extreme social changes, the construction of self-identity in a globalising, inter-sensuous, and trans-subjective world, are all issues that EASA might consider. Thinking of the intimacy of cooperation and collaboration may also change our perspective on the place of anthropos in the world.

    Further examples include the emergence of aggregate political subjects like Occupy or entities such as Anonymous. Scrutinising the simultaneously mental and material processes of collaboration , we find that such processes are never constituted by smooth flows or unanimous connections alone. Rather, social and cultural worlds come into being through various, often disharmonious and conflicting modes and spheres of collaborating. Cooperation in all its forms is also frequently shot through with hierarchies and inequalities.

    Thinking in terms of intimate collaborations also necessitates asking about clashes, conflicts, and collusion both tacit and explicit , which frequently go hand in hand with declarations of cooperation and partnership. Ethnographers, with their sharp eye for hidden dynamics, are in a unique position to highlight the complexities, nuances and contradictions of collaboration. For our professional practice, focusing on the revolutionary dynamics of collaborative intimacies can help us rethink the production of knowledge which anthropologists are currently engaged with.